International Work

European Union School of Public Administration

Two workshops on Courageous Followership presented at the European Union School of Public Administration (October 2017, Brussels), one for the most senior level of civil servants and the other for the mid level managers of the European Commission, which is the largest of the EU institutions.

Costa Rica


Ira and Rosa Maria with the Cuestamoras managers in Costa Rica after the bilingual Courageous Follower class (October 2016).

Ira standing with Ger Driesen holding each other's  book.

Ira meeting with Ger Driesen in Brussels. Ger is affiliated with the Dutch Society for Training & Development, an American Society for Training and Development partner.

Ira and Odir Pereira at International Leadership Association conference, 2011. Odir founded and directs the Leadership Institute in Brazil and is an ILA board member.

Ira and Odir Pereira at International Leadership Association conference in London. Odir founded and directs the Leadership Institute in Brazil and is an ILA board member.


Now that the 3rd edition of The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders is in bookstores, the 2nd edition is officially out of print. The material in the book, regarding how  leaders can use power beneficially without abusing it, struck a chord when Ira Chaleff traveled in Africa for the National Democratic Institute. Getting more copies into the hands of other parliamentarians, government officials and NGO staff became a high priority. It has the potential to make an impact on the need for ethical leadership in emerging democracies.

Recently, “Siyahamba”, the Africa Alliance of YMCAs’ newsletter devoted a  whole issue to leader and follower relations. It reviewed The Courageous Follower and presented passages from the book. This topical focus was a direct result of efforts to distribute the book where it might not otherwise have traveled.

Man with Courageous Follower in hand stands with two women with the books.

The African Alliance of YMCA's, which actively works to develop future African leaders, presented copies of “The Courageous Follower” to 50 program participants.



Ira Chaleff was invited to India to conduct workshops on Building Organizational Excellence through Leader-Follower Collaboration. He conducted three Open Enrollment Programs attended by a wide cross section of private and state owned companies, two programs for individual corporate clients and a special half day workshop for Organization Development professionals. His partner in India, Strategic Human Resource Services, has continued to offer Courageous Follower training.

Workshop Brochure (.pdf)

Newspaper article and clipping


Ira Chaleff introduced The Courageous Follower in Nigeria when he conducted institution-building conferences for the Senate of Nigeria in 2001 and 2004. In June 2008, he conducted similar work for the Parliament of Sierra Leone. In these photographs Ira, and his co-facilitator Ken Nnamani, former president of the Senate of Nigeria, are autographing their respective books for conference participants.