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Meditation on Followership * NEW! *

FOR ME, BECOMING A COURAGEOUS FOLLOWER, like becoming a good human being, is both a daily and a lifelong task. Visualizing a desired state helps to realize it. I share this meditation as one visualization of the state I aspire to. You may want to refer to it from time to time. (Ira Chaleff)

  1. I am a steward of this group and share responsibility for its success.
  2. I am responsible for adhering to the highest values I can envision.
  3. I am responsible for my successes and failures and for continuing to learn from them.
  4. I am responsible for the attractive and unattractive parts of who I am.
  5. I can empathize with others who are also imperfect.
  6. As an adult, I can relate on a peer basis to other adults who are the group’s formal leaders.
  7. I can support leaders and counsel them, and receive support and counsel from them.
  8. Our common purpose is our best guide.
  9. I have the power to help leaders use their power wisely and effectively./li>
  10. If leaders abuse power, I can help them change their behavior.
  11. If I abuse power, I can learn from others and change my behavior.
  12. If abusive leaders do not change their behavior, I can and will withdraw my support.
  13. By staying true to my values, I can serve others well and fulfill my potential.
  14. Thousands of courageous acts by followers can, one by one, improve the world.
  15. Courage always exists in the present. What can I do today?