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Ira Chaleff  Recently Spoke In Brussels

Ira Chaleff  gave an evening talk arranged by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha at Solvay Sport on Thursday November 3. It was preceeded by a period of  informal conversation and introductions. Ira had been attending the International Leadership Association conference in London and decided to visit Belgium for a few days.  This was a welcome opportunity for him  to exchange ideas with others who share an interest in leader-follower relations.

Graduate Speech for Georgetown University’s  Professional Management Certificate Program Highlights New Tango Video, June 15, 2011

Ira was asked to give the keynote talk for Georgetown University’s Professional Manager Certificate Program graduation on June 15, 2011. GU is a leader in university management development for its own staff. It has awarded over 500 certificates in the last decade. Ira’s Courageous Follower course is one of the five core curriculum classes all graduates must take towards the credits they need to complete the program. The principles of courageous followership align closely with the values Georgetown holds as key to its excellence.

Although, all of the graduates had taken his workshop, none had seen the newest edition to the workshop: the “Leading and Following Through Tango video that Ira produced. The enthusiastic response at the end of the video was accompanied by strong, appreciative feedback.

Ira Spoke to Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Group on October 27, 2010 Cambridge MA

How Courageous Followers Transform Hierarchical Relationships into Partnerships

Ira Chaleff explored the leader-follower dynamic through the follower end of the telescope:

When you are not THE leader, how can you help the leader use power wisely and not squander or abuse it? Courage is needed, but also skill and tact. When you are in the leader role, how do you create a culture in which constructive candor does not require courage, because it is the expected norm?

This unique seminar  examined what is involved in creating the true partnership that supports larger organizational development efforts.  Ira’s Powerpoint slides are available at the bottom of the website page linked to by the title of his presentation.

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Ira Gives Workshop On “The Courageous Follower: Partnering With Servant-Leaders” at The Greenleaf Center’s Conference on Servant Leadership  Atlanta, Georgia

June 17-June 18, 2010

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The 20th Annual Greenleaf Center International Conference, to be held at the Sheraton Hotel, provides an opportunity for current and emerging leaders in business, higher education, health care, government, non-profit organizations, and faith communities to focus on the ethical, practical, and meaningful benefits of servant leadership. Ira’s workshop will focus on the impact a follower can make when exhibiting the behaviors of courageous followership. This workshop will explore a dynamic model of partnering with servant-leaders, and bring out the best in their leadership. For further information, contact The Greenleaf Center at:

The brochure is also available here in .pdf format: conference_program_3A (2) FINAL 030510