Self Assessment

New Self-Assessment Tool Available:

In conjunction with the Third Edition of The Courageous Follower, Ira Chaleff is now offering an online self-assesment test. The book is available at a discount from the home page of this website  and also  through his publisher, Berrett-Koehler, in paperback or .pdf formats. The self-assessment test is available online from Berrett-Koehler’s website.

As Ira says in his own words:

Follower Style and Growth Path Self Assessment

“Many instruments have been designed to capture and reflect leadership styles. Few exist to serve the same purpose for followership styles. Understandably, then, few individuals have ever thought about their own followership style let alone how to grow in this role that everyone plays at least some of the time. Yet understanding our style and growth direction can be critical for our professional development and satisfaction in our work relationships.

“Based on your responses, this self-assessment will provide you with language and descriptions about your follower style. It will display these visually and provide you with guidance about growth directions that you might choose to pursue. You may be interested  in this assessment in preparation for a courageous follower workshop or simply to satisfy your own curiosity and desire for improvement. Please click here to take you to additional information and purchase.”

“My best wishes for strength, courage, and success in your personal development.”

Ira Chaleff