Meditation on Followership

Train the Trainer (October 2017, Brussels)

Ira Chaleff with a dozen professionals in the training and executive coaching field. Most were from Europe though one came from Australia and another from Indonesia. The purpose was to equip them to fulfill any demand stimulated by Ira’s presentations for the EU institutions and for other clients who would benefit from including courageous follower training in their leadership development programs.

US Naval Academy 2014 panel on Ethics

The theme of the 2014 Leadership Conference at the US Naval Academy was “Followership: The Evolution of a Leader.” Elements of the entire brigade of 4500 midshipmen attended the program as well as delegations from 60 other universities, including many of the most prestigious in the nations. The program consisted of two days of notable keynotes, three panels and small group discussions on key questions. This video is an excerpt of the remarks by Followership Author Ira Chaleff during the panel “Ethics: The Leader, The Follower and the Organization.” The full panel presentation can be found here.

Ira Chaleff Speaks at the State Department

Leadership and Followership: What Tango Teaches Us About These Roles in Life

Author Ira Chaleff has produced a gorgeous video on Leading and Following in Tango. Utilizing the wisdom and grace of one of the best Tango instructors in the United States, we get new insights into how the partner in the follower role can bring out the creativity of the partner in the leader role. We also witness how poor following in its various forms can undermine the leader and undo the partnership.