Bright Spots Amid “The Carnage”

A peaceful but seismic change of government occurred this weekend in Washington. The newly sworn in President chose to describe the national landscape as one of “carnage” that was difficult for many to recognize. In the midst of the uncertain course of this presidency it is important to not lose sight of the capacity of this country to reflect on its flaws and take steps to remedy them. One such step occurred this week.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Eleven national police organizations issued a model policy that prescribes using a range of de-escalation techniques that will reduce the use of deadly force in questionable situations (Tom Jackman, The Washington Post – Janaury 17, 2017).

This is how citizen-centric democracy works. It is how it must continue to work from the local level upwards. Those on whom we confer the authority of the state largely exercise that responsibility with care and professionalism. Nevertheless, for a multiplicity of reasons, at times that power is not optimally used and is occasionally abused. As long as we are committed to dialogue, reflection and reform we will continue to make the adjustments needed to create a more perfect imperfect union. From the local level to the national level.

Thank you to all who participated in making this timely improvement in law enforcement.

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