In a world where the sand is continuously shifting underfoot, courage is a lifeboat. Yes, we need lifeboats even on land in these times of rapid transition, uncertainty, and abuse of power.

Sharna Fabiano, Life Coach, Followership trainer and Tango teacher extraordinaire has written on How To Be Brave in her current blog post. She is a beautiful observer of life and a wise guide to living it with grace and courage. At the end of her post she offers a deceptively simple exercise that holds great potential power. I recommend it to you.

This year, the International Leadership Association, home to the Followership Community of Learning I founded ten years ago, is holding its global conference in Ottawa, Canada on the theme of Courage. Check it out. There is still time to submit proposals for presentations.

Here in 2019, may you find the courage to listen deeply and speak thoughtfully, to be still and to act each in its time, to remember the consequences of history and to influence the history just now being written. May your courage open doors in mental prisons and liberate the power of the principled mind and the true heart.

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