Courageous Followership Applied in Middle School

Visual display of courageous follower principles on poster board

Poster Board display of leadership and followership principles by Renaissance Academy East Side San Jose Middle Schoolers

Awhile ago I blogged about the students of the Renaissance Academy of East Side San Jose and their project to achieve parity of technology resources with schools from more affluent neighborhoods in the school district. I have since had the great pleasure of being interviewed by these students and of meeting some of them during their trip this week to Washington, DC. These are some of the brightest and energized young people I have ever met.

Since my last posting the students have mounted a significant exhibition of their work to demonstrate to school board members and administrators what they have learned in researching this issue. One of their learnings concerns the roles of both leadership and followership in mobilizing for action. The photo above is the exhibit showing the principles of courageous followership they have absorbed and applied as part of this initiative.

It is my belief that if the mindset and habits of courageous, ethical and responsible followership are learned and practiced in formative years, they will contribute to a citizenry that assures power is used well in society and abuses of power are corrected. I consider the students of the Renaissance Academy pioneers in this endeavor.

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