Anne Aden is an organization development specialist who performs her work through her company Wellspring Praxis. She has introduced the subject of courageous followership to high level government clients who have integrated it into their leadership development programs. I received a message from Anne today that I am proud to share.

I was just rereading your preface to Courageous Followership. This book and Intelligent Disobedience both have much to offer given the current political environment. I want to thank you again for the thoughtfulness and depth of your material. It is a reminder that we, individually and collectively, have the moral responsibility to not only respond when abuse or even suggestions of abuse arise, but to actively build the expectation and capacity to do so into the fabric of our culture. Perhaps this chapter of US history will both remind us that our veneer of civility, integrity, and compassion is thin, and serve to galvanize the generations going forward.

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