Followership Coaching

Followership Coaching

Purpose Followership Coaching

To provide coaching to the senior leadership of an organization that increases its capacity to create a culture supporting courageous followership in the service of the organization’s mission and values.

Objectives Followership Coaching

  • To create an awareness of what creates true partnership between all organization levels.
  • To create self awareness of how one’s leadership behaviors support or thwart building a culture of courageous followership.
  • To equip the individual leader and/or leadership team to perform those behaviors that encourage and utilize the benefits of courageous followership.


  • Gather data on the impact of individual executives on creating the desired culture promoting optimum performance.
  • Feed back the individual data privately to each executive and collectively to the leadership team.
  • Provide coaching support to the individual executives and to the leadership team that will help the team and each of its members become better models of courageous leadership when developing a culture of robust partnership in pursuit of the organization’s mission


Ira Chaleff is the President of Executive Coaching and Consulting Associates. He or his associates will provide the executive coaching services, taking care to make excellent matches between coaches and executives.


Coaching relationships usually last between six months and a year and are structured around each client’s needs. Typically there would be two individual coaching sessions a month and one team coaching session every month to six weeks.

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