Followership Keynote Speeches

Followership Keynotes

Purpose Followership Keynotes

Courageous Followership Keynotes provide a thought-provoking talk to conference participants who have an interest in creating better leader-follower relationships in their organizations.

While all hierarchical organizations have a need to improve the partnership between the various levels of their organization, few have addressed this topic from the perspective of pro-active followership. Keynotes from this perspective provide a fresh and useful new take on personal and organizational success relevant to all conference participants.

Objectives Followership Keynotes

  • Create an awareness of what creates true partnership between all organization levels.
  • Convey a sense of the power inherent in the behaviors of courageous followership and how to develop this power personally and organizationally.
  • Inspire participants with things they can do to develop their capacity for courageous followership and to foster the capacity of those who report to them.
  • Help to make the conference memorable and valuable, enhancing recognition and credit for the conference organizer.


  • Interview the client to understand how the keynote fits into the overall theme and flow of the conference.
  • Interview a representative sample of conference attendees to learn what aspects of leader/follower relationships would be of particular importance to them as well as to acquire examples and language relevant to conference attendees and their needs.
  • Customize the presentation to the group within the time constraints. Modify any visual aids accordingly.
  • Deliver the keynote presentation, supported by any smaller breakout group seminars.
  • Encourage sponsors to make The Courageous Follower available to participants to continue their exploration of this subject. Complement this with appropriate handouts.


Ira Chaleff is the author of the book The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders and co-editor of the book The Art of Followership: How Great Followers Make Great Leaders and Organizations. He has spoken on this topic to a wide range of groups including but not limited to the military, the intelligence community, the accounting profession, the federal judiciary, the financial services community, higher education institutes, legislative staff, law enforcement officers, religious communities, and private sector groups. When not personally available, Ira will make referrals to other speakers qualified to make presentations on this topic.


Keynote addresses are typically 45 to 90 minutes. These can be supplemented with one or two seminars the same day to allow those interested to explore the subject in more depth.


Costs are based on our speaker rate with variables for customization, travel, and other factors. Quotes will be provided once the needs have been established for the presentation.

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