Followership Train the Trainer


To equip participants to teach Courageous Followership or integrate it into their own classes and workshops.


You will leave the two-day program with a personal and professional experience of what it
takes to create effective partnerships with positional leaders, both the good ones and the
difficult ones. You will receive a certificate of successful completion on how to teach this
material. If you choose, you can participate in the subsequent online support discussions to
help you achieve mastery of the topic.


Participants will be given a full suite of slides that they may use or modify to suit the needs of
their programs and classes. They will also receive worksheets they may use or modify for
interactive and experiential exercises.
To effectively teach courageous followership, requires first examining one’s own relationship to
authority from both the follower and leader role. The first day of the program will give
participants an opportunity to experience this through a variety of learning tools. The second
day will address participants as teachers, trainers and facilitators, providing a pedagogical
grounding in the flow of the curriculum and options for customizing presentations to different
lengths of time and participant profiles.


Ira Chaleff has been a leader in the field of followership for 20 years. The models in his award winning book, The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders, have been
incorporated into leadership development programs around the world and have been validated
in many doctoral dissertations.


Two days.


Costs are based on our day rate with variables for customization, travel and other factors. Quotes will be provided once a project has been appropriately scoped and its needs determined.

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