International Leadership Association (ILA) Board Meeting, Brussels, 2017

From Cambridge I and my fellow International Leadership Association (ILA) board members from the ILA took the “chunnel” train to Brussels, one of the centers of the European Union. We held our board meeting that evening at Deloitte University.

For the following three and a half days I participated in presentations on every aspect of leadership and followership. One of these was a panel on teaching followership. I walked the audience through the 7 conceptual thresholds we cross in my workshops to dispel old ideas and introduce new ones on the power of the follower role when it is played well.

In December I will have completed my second term as a board member of the ILA, six years in total. As we are term limited I received a lovely warm round of thanks from my colleagues at our community meeting. I will continue to be active in the ILA and I encourage you to join us at our next annual conference in West Palm Beach, Florida October 24 – 27, 2018. View brochure

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