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Whenever society meets a catastrophe, much criticism is directed to leaders for the failures that led to it. What is not talked about is the follower-mentality that supported the failed leadership.

Being a follower has as much responsibility for success and failure as being a leader.

January 17, 2023
Interview hosted by Maureen Metcalf, from the Innovative Leadership Institute, on her show “INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP: Co-creating Our Future”, with guests Neil Grunberg and Ira Chaleff discussing courageous followership in times of uncertainty and chaos.

Short clip from the interview that Maureen titled “The Jazz in Leaders & Followers”

Listen to the full episode

February 27, 2018 – Live from Brussels
at ILA International Conference

Followership Interviews: Maureen Metcalf and Ira Chaleff

June 16, 2016
Office of the Controller of the Currency

With Dawn Phillips
Leadership Development Specialist
introducing the concept of followership
at all levels of the OCC organization.

January 26, 2010 with Wayne Hurlburt
at Blog Business Success

Followership backgrounds – Importance of followership – Presenting arguments – Mutual trust – Multilevel hierarchies – Implementing Courageous Followership Culture.

October 29, 2009 with Susan Stamm
at Bookends Book Club

Ira Chaleff’s profile – Beneficial use of power – Relations with authority – Resist authority – Psycho fancy – Courage muscle – Golden mean – Courageous Followership Model.

February 12, 2009
at Doug Noll Show

Part 1

Ira’s journey to Courageous Followership – Milgram and Zimbardo experiments – Leadership and Followership as roles – Courageous Followership five behaviours.

Part 2

How to become a Courageous Follower – Creating trust – Focusing on leader strengths – Follower self-assessment – Individual interests and Common Purpose.

Part 3

Three basic elements of Courageous Followership – Skills to take a moral stand – Courageous Followers stories – Encouraging Courageous Followership Culture.

Part 4

Use and abuse of (violent) power – “The Limits of Violence: Lessons of a revolutionary life” – The Enron scandal – Hospitals surgery checklist – Police corps training and more.

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