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Followership speeches delivered by Ira Chaleff

Elevating the Followership Agenda

Global Followership Conference – University of Waterloo, July 2019

The Honor of Courageous Followership

Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership – US Naval Academy, April 2013

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Followership: The Evolution of a Leader

2014 Leadership Conference at the US Naval Academy

Panel II – Ethics: The Leader, The Follower and The Organization
Excerpts from panel showing Ira Chaleff’ remarks and answers to questions.

The theme of the 2014 Leadership Conference at the US Naval Academy was “Followership: The Evolution of a Leader.” Elements of the entire brigade of 4500 midshipmen attended the program as well as delegations from 60 other universities, including many of the most prestigious in the nations. The program consisted of two days of notable keynotes, three panels and small group discussions on key questions. This video is an excerpt of the remarks by Ira Chaleff during the panel “Ethics: The Leader, The Follower and the Organization.” The full panel presentation can be found here.

Follow Courageously: What Does it Mean To Me

The Bureau of Consular Affairs
Leadership Speaker Series
USA Department of State

The Consular Affairs Bureau at the Department of State invited Ira Chaleff to talk on the topic “Follow Courageously”. “Follow Courageously” is one of Consular Affairs’ 10 Leadership Tenets and it is the one on which staff were asked to focus in 2012 during their Consular Leadership Day activities.

Professional Management Certificate Program – Graduation Ceremony

Georgetown University

Ira Chaleff is one of a handful of leadership development thinkers to focus on the impact that followers’ attitudes, actions and inactions have on the quality of leadership and organizational integrity and performance. He has taught Courageous Followership for Georgetown University’s Professional Manager Development Program for nearly a decade. His course, The Courageous Follower, is one of the core requirements for graduation. Ira was the invited graduation speaker for the 2011 graduation.

Follower Speeches - Georgetown University

Conversations in Transformational Leadership

Environmental Protection Agency

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