Ten Followership Guidelines to Help Leaders and Groups Succeed

It is critical to help good leaders succeed and to know how to detect and correct poor leaders. Here are some guidelines based on twenty years thinking about these issues:

1. Use your gifts generously to help leaders succeed; resist cynicism.

2. Know the purpose of the activity and the positive values that guide it.

3. Give great support to leaders who advance this purpose and act true to its values

4. Stay conscious of speech and actions that diverge from the purpose and values

5. Call divergences and discrepancies to the attention of the leader and group

6. Help the leader and group remedy or resolve discrepancies that endanger the group purpose and values

7. Develop consciousness of your own internal rules regarding authority

8. Draw on the sources of courage you possess to speak with clarity, candor and impact to authority

9. Help leaders who are working to become better leaders and human beings despite their inevitable flaws

10. Let others help you become better as a leader, follower, collaborator and human being

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