The latest Followership book is out!

Foreword by Ira Chaleff

This is a book that could not have been written even a few years ago. The knowledge it contains —how to effectively teach followership— had not been developed until very recently…

It turns out there are multiple barriers to teaching followership including language, culture, and even religious beliefs. This is the first book I know of that identifies these issues and presents hard-won, practical strategies, tactics, and tools for doing so. The contributing authors codify what they have learned from trial and error, experimentation, keen observation, and cross-disciplinary fermentation that make this book invaluable to the serious educator or workshop facilitator…


Editors’ Notes
Marc Hurwitz, Rachael Thompson

Ira Chaleff

1. Why Followership?
Ronald E. Riggio

2. Integrating Followership Into Leadership Programs
Marc Hurwitz, Samantha Hurwitz

3. Followership Development in Adults
Andrew Rahaman, J. Basil Read, III

4. Followership Education for Postsecondary Students
Daniel M. Jenkins, Angela N. Spranger

5. Followership Identity Work
Rachael Thompson

Available on Wiley Online Library

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