Tobias Center’s 2009 Multi-Sector Forum: You Tube Videos

Ira Chaleff spoke at Indiana University, The Randall L. Tobias Center For Leadership Excellence’s 2009 Multi-Sector Forum on the emergence of followership as a topic of research and discourse. Here, he places his pioneering work, The Courageous Follower, within the context of other contributions to this emerging field. Using Powerpoint, Chaleff discusses his model of courageous followership and talks about where and how it is having an impact among practitioners. The presentation is available here in five segments. You can access all of Ira’s videos here.

 1. Why Followership Now?

2. The Courageous Follower Model

3. Why Do Leaders Need Partners?

4. Followership Research Agenda

5. Courageous Followership: Standing Up to the White House (a.k.a. Courageous Conscience)

Several short video segments of an interactive presentation by Ira before the Environmental Protection Agency (2008) are now available below. You can access all of Ira’s videos here.

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