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Featured Colleagues

Mary C. Gentile

When I discuss the courage to take a moral stand in my workshops I also refer participants to the work of Mary Gentile. She offers the most forward thinking way of preparing ourselves to effectively say “no” when peers or leaders are choosing expediency over ethical choices.

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Marc Hurwitz & Rachael Thompson

This is a book that could not have been written even a few years ago. The knowledge it contains—how to effectively teach followership—had not been developed until very recently. It is the first book I know of that identifies the multiple barriers and presents hard-won, practical strategies, tactics, and tools for doing so.

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Wendy E. Edmonds

A book for those who desire to gain insight into the leader/follower dynamic in order to serve others by unmasking the dangers of toxic followership, provide prevention suggestions, and reveal followers’ power, even in desperate situations.

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Sharna Fabiano

This book dispassionately and usefully analyzes follower-leader dynamics and then reinjects the passion needed to make a difference in the process and potentially in the outcome. Provided views and counsel are grounded in the reality that the most courageous follower won’t always prevail, that the process of social change is usually lengthy, and a toolkit is available to draw from if one commits to not looking away.

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